Thursday, January 31, 2013

:: BEAUTY :: My Essentials

I'm a product junky when it comes to beauty and makeup.  I don't like to hoard -- I actually prefer to be as minimal as possible when it comes to my beauty routine -- but I will try product after product until I find the one that's just right.  After years and years of trying almost everything under the sun, I've found a few products that I simply can't live without.

After reading this post on the Oil Cleansing Method for skin, I was determined that cleansing with oil would be the answer for my congested, but clear skin.  I went with the 50/50 castor + olive oil combo and so far have no complaints.  My skin is amazingly soft after cleansing, but I haven't necessarily noticed any major changes in my pores.  I'll continue to use the OCM because I feel like it's just healthier for my skin than a cleanser and it does a heck of a job removing makeup.

For my portable beauty essentials that I take along in my purse, I wanted something small and stylish.  This is one is J.Crew.  Enough said.

I've always wanted to be one of those women whose scent is like a natural extension of her aura, but obviously not in an overpowering, skunky kind of way.  This scent does just that -- I get compliment after compliment on it from men and women.  It's soft, feminine, and earthy, and because it's an oil and not a parfum, it's like it just sinks into your skin and becomes a part of you.

The only lip balm I've found that delivers long-lasting moisture.  It's made with minimal processing, and contains good-for-you ingredients, including coconut oil, which my lips drink up.  I'm admittedly obsessed and can't live without it.

This mineral foundation is light enough that I don't feel heavily made up when wearing it, but it allows me to build coverage when needed.  Though on the pricey side, the small tube lasts me about 3-4 months because I only need a little at a time.  Also comes in a versatile selection of shades.

Since I switched to this mascara, which I've been using for a while now because I haven't found anything better, I sometimes get asked if I'm wearing fake eyelashes.  Granted I do put on about 4 coats, but this macara is great for building tons of volume with each application.

I was turned onto dermaplaning (aka, yes, shaving my face) after a recent facial where this was one of the many treatments they preformed on me.  While it does remove the hair on your face, the main goal is to remove the dry, dead skin that can clog up your pores and rough up your complexion.  My facialist suggested that I take the practice home with me for maximum exfoliation, so I use this men's razor (designed for the face) at home.  It's not as simple as your boyfriend's morning shave though(i.e., no need for shaving cream and techniques to prevent shaving off an eyebrow!), so you should test it out and consult with a professional first before trying at home.

Witch hazel has long been used to sooth and restore skin tone.  The rose petal version not only smells beautiful, but just feels fantastic on my skin and has naturally antiseptic properties.  Great for toner, after the sun, or just to give yourself a refresher.


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