Monday, February 11, 2013

:: FASHION :: In My Closet - February 2013

Despite my budgetary restrictions, I've still managed to squeeze in some shopping.  Although, that might change very soon.  Regardless, these are a few of my favorite purchases as of late... (FYI, yes -- I'm a J.Crew addict)

1. {anthropologie watercolor weekender}
Seriously, one of the best purchases I've made.  I am completely and utterly obsessed with my purse.  And I usually don't spend money on bags because I change them or get tired of them, but this one was so worth it.

4. {j.crew printed hearts iphone case}
These are the best iPhone cases!  Not only are they incredibly cute, but I've dropped my phone a hundred times (it's kind of ridiculous) and it's never cracked or anything.  I'm going to work on the not dropping it part, but for now I at least have piece of mind that these cases provide some shock absorption.

8. {j.crew leopard belt}
This is another essential purchase.  I pretty much throw this on with every outfit.  Maybe another thing I should work on: variety.  But leopard is a neutral so I'm thinking it's okay to continue to abuse this belt's versatility.

9. {shoedazzle carine heel}
Another solid purchase, and totally budget friendly!  Can you believe these were only $39.99?!  And again, such a great neutral that I can wear them with practically anything.  I have to give myself kudos for super smart shopping with these ones!


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